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Cyber High is a WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited computer-based distance learning program.  The Cyber High curriculum is aligned with state standards and includes regular assessments which are also aligned with state standards.

Students at Elsie Allen High School are able to report to a computer lab before and after school to make up credits in core subject areas.  A credentialed teacher facilitates the lab.  The teacher-facilitator role is to support student questions, guide them to resources within the program and administer the online chapter and unit tests. The facilitator will also ensure that students are successfully completing written assignments integrated within the various courses.  Counselors will identify credit deficient students, contact parents and recommend the student’s participation in Cyber High.  Cyber High will also be a recommended placement for English language learner students who have been reclassified and are being monitored for two years to ensure academic success.


Cyber High is a computerized version of the Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) program.  PASS program has been in existence for 15 years.  It is a well established program used throughout California and based out of the Fresno County Office of Education.

Contact the Counseling Office at 528-5025.


Credit Recovery Programs provide opportunities for  students who have failed courses because of poor grades or absenteeism, a chance to recover the credits they have lost so that they can move on to the next grade and ultimately to graduation. Credit recovery programs can take different forms – from after school classes to online Cyber High offerings; each school provides programs that fit their population’s needs.  There is also the opportunity for students to make up credits during a summer school session if they are unable to schedule it during the regular school year.

Contact the Counseling Office at 528-5025.