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Mr. Good

Educational  Background:  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Western Washington University; earned a single-subject teaching credential from San Francisco State University.

Classes Taught at Elsie Allen:  Ap Language and Composition, English 2P and Honors English 1P

Other Assignments:  Sponsored Literary Magazine at Elsie Allen in previous years

Hobbies:  Mountain biking, cooking dark ambient music, fantasy novels and video games

Nathan Good Contact Information

Phone:  (707) 890-3810  Ext. 53282


Room:  R-6

Classroom Resources

Dear AP Lang, English 2 P, and Honors English 1 P Students,


A new English Google Classroom has been set up for your respective quarter 4 distance learning units, and an invitation has been sent to each of you.  SImply click accept, and you're in!  Please make sure to visit there every day to receive announcements about what we are doing, and to continue our work towards proficiency or higher in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Thank you, and talk to you in the cloud!


Mr. Good