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Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements


​​​The graduation requirements for Elsie Allen are listed below. For additional questions please contact your child's High School Counselor or the Office of Teaching and Learning at the Santa Rosa City School's District Office.

High School Graduation Requirements:

Core Curriculum Requirements

  • English -- 4 years
  • Math -- 3 years
  • Science1 -- 2 years
  • Social Science2 -- 3 years
  • World Language -- 2 years
  • Visual/Performing Arts -- 1 year
  • Physical Education3 -- 2 years
  • Total Credits to Graduate: 220


  1. One year each of a Physical Science and Biology
  2. One year each of World History, US History and Government/Economics
  3. Up to 10 P.E. credits can be earned through participation in an Elsie Allen Team Sport.  Each successfully completed season is worth 5 P.E. credits.